A sustainable approach to demolition, ground works, waste and decontamination is not only an environmental requirement, it is also the most economically viable approach. Keanes have developed the most advanced technology for the effective re-use of arisings from excavation and are leaders in the reclamation and recycling of materials from demolition and deconstruction operations. Keanes is acknowledged as having an exceptional reputation for adopting an environmentally responsible approach within its specialised area of work.

The company operates according to the principles contained in its environmental policy and follows strict management procedures to ensure full compliance and to safeguard the reputation of Keanes and its clients.

In addition to working with clients on Environmental Impact Assessments for planning purposes, Keanes carry out project assessments to identify the likely impact on the local community and its surrounding environment. We then develop a methodology to minimise the impact of the works. Particular attention is paid to noise, dust, vibration and exhaust emissions. Additionally, consultations are held with police and the local authority’s highways department in order to discuss and agree traffic routing for site vehicles and to develop a traffic management plan which will minimise disruption.

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