Keanes are delighted to offer clients and their professional teams early input on feasibility studies, cost plans, programming and methodology options, advice on Construction Design and Management Regulations, Planning Regulations and site Waste Management Plans.

These services are provided by the estimating and project management team and are offered at no cost to the client.

Our advice and guidance at an early stage will enable us to be more effective in finding the right solutions for your project.

More and more Keanes are becoming involved as part of the early planning stages of major projects so that the management of the existing site and buildings is designed in such a way that it enables the later phases of work to be carried out more effectively.

Keanes can also provide engineered temporary works designs and 2 and 3D illustrated presentations when requested by clients in support of planning applications or approvals.

Keanes provides you with access to a vast knowledge base of experience in providing solutions which make the clearance alteration and redevelopment of sites and buildings a more seamless and coherent process. There are more requirements to demolition than taking down the structures which requires a comprehensive plan from the start. With Keanes as your partner in the industry, this is made possible.

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