We were founded in 1963 by Michael Keane, father of the current Managing Director, David Keane.

In 1983 with the introduction of new Asbestos control legislation Keanes were already alert to the risks of managing hazardous materials and had experience in that area so we were able to establish a team within the company to address the urgent need for expertise in this extremely challenging area of work.

Our reputation for reliability and good value stood us in good stead during the 1980’s onwards as an increasing amount of major projects were being funded within the public sector.  We had already built good working relationships in many parts of the sector and have now worked for over 40 public organisations in both local and central government.

Today Keanes remains at the forefront of the industry and understand fully the demands on current developments in a challenging economic climate.  Our long history and wide experience enable us to be the ideal partner for the new markets opening up in redevelopment and regeneration both in London and across the region.

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